Chemistry Lab

A student of science is always inquisitive. The student has lot of answered questions. The chemistry lab is the place where lot of unanswered questions come to the fore and are practically demonstrated to the students. All chemistry experiments are conducted here in the most hygienic and safe manner.

Physics Laboratory

Printer-friendly version Built according to modern architectural design, Physics Laboratory of the school is equipped with all the latest lab apparatus. The lab is multi-faceted for students of XI-XII to nurture their technical skills. Their theoretical knowledge is put into practice by making the students experiment on topics like optics, measurement, electricity etc under the guidance of qualified teachers and trained lab assistants. The experiments carried out with intricate details here remain forever in the young minds once imbibed. The entire functioning is done as per standardized safety norms.

Biology Lab

A lab equipped to deal with all questions on biological creation and experimentation. It answers all questions related to the physiology and explains the nature of human and animal formation.

Maths Lab

School has established a well equipped Mathematics Laboratory. It is a place where learning becomes fun. The laboratory approach of teaching mathematics provides students with the opportunity to understand and discover the beauty, importance and relevance of mathematics as a discipline. The Maths Lab comprises of a variety of mathematical teaching aids in the form of models, games, charts, CDs, books etc. useful for effective learning.

The focus of learning is on developing number sense, spatial sense, recognition of patterns and gradually to attend the problems with algorithm and abstration. Teachers emphasize on mathematical process which helps the child to imbibe concepts using concrete materials, problem solving with real-life situations, reasoning, reflecting and connecting, selecting appropiate computational tools, strategies and use of mathematical vocabulary.

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